2xEP: Innovation - The Next Wave

‘The Next Wave’ project explores opportunities for major improvements in energy productivity through the deployment of innovative technologies and business models. This work complements the roadmaps developed for specific sectors of the economy. ‘Innovation’ as canvassed by this project includes existing commercial technologies with less than ten per cent market penetration in Australia.

The project utilises an innovative methodology developed to assess energy use in a holistic way. It applies a ‘value chain’ methodology that examines all the steps involved in the delivery of end use products and services, working back to the original raw materials. It seeks out energy productivity opportunities through an integrated, circular economy approach to energy and material flows.

To understand the optimal application of energy to achieve the desired end service, we identified key common core processes used across the chain. We were not locked into assumptions about where these processes should best be undertaken. Our aim is to optimise these processes and related energy use across the value chain and to maximise the value created (e.g. through improved product quality).

Read our Phase1 Report for this project and the assessments which have been completed for the food and shelter value chains.


2xEP The Next Wave – Phase 1 Report (PDF, 5MB)



Value chains in focus in this project

  • Food
    The assessment for the food value chain in Australia (farm to plate/export) has been completed and is available below. During this assessment, the potential of various technologies to significantly improve the energ productivity of the food value chain were identified. The role these technologies can play has been further investigated in the reports below, 2xEP: Optimising the food cold chain and 2xEP: high temperature heat pumps in the food industry.

2xEP in the Food Value Chain (PDF, 1.5MB)


2xEP: Optimising the food cold chain (PDF,1.5MB)


2xEP: high temperature heat pumps in the food industry (PDF, 6MB)



  • Shelter
    A detailed assessment of the shelter value chain has been completed with numerous opportunities identified for improving energy productivity in both commercial and residential properties with greater integration of energy efficient technologies and materials at various stages of property installation and management.

2xEP: Innovation in the shelter value chain (PDF, 1.5MB)



  • Health

  • Comfort

  • Connectivity (passenger)

  • Connectivity (freight)

  • Water

  • Education

  • Community

  • Security