A2EP is working with a diverse range of partners and stakeholders to develop a 2xEP Roadmap across the economy, in particular sectors and for thematic issues such as financing, metrics and innovation. We welcome your participation, your contributions and comments.

We’re calling our work in innovation The Next Wave. The 2xEP program is looking to understand the opportunities for emerging technologies and new business models that substantially improve energy productivity beyond the impact of current leading practice in Australia. This may include measures that are commercial, but have very low market penetration at present. Activities that may be considered part of ‘incremental change’, are already achieving significant increases in uptake (and are covered by 2xEP sector ‘roadmaps’), or are likely to be pursued for reasons other than energy productivity improvement will be noted, but will not be pursued through this agenda.

The full report of the first phase of work is linked below. If you have contributions or comments, please contact Jonathan Jutsen email: jonathan.jutsen@a2ep.org.au phone: 0418 510 109.


To constrain the scope to a manageable scale we’ve begun with two value chains: food (farm to plate/export) and shelter (focusing on construction materials because this is the part of the chain less thoroughly explored but with some limited coverage of energy innovation in building operations as well). Our detailed assessment of potential in these chains is linked from here.  We’ve produced overviews of these two value chains and the potential for energy productivity improvement, linked below. And we’ve conducted a feasibility study of the potential for technology to optimise energy use in the food cold chain, also linked below.